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Veterinary Medicine
University of Thessaloniki

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Municipality of Symi

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What is FAROS?
FAROS is a new initiative by the Friends of the Animals of Symi and SymiGreece.com to bring Greek vets to the island to look after, care for and protect Symi’s animals (pets, strays and also work and farm animals).

Doesn’t Symi have a vet?
Symi, like many small Greek islands, has been unable to provide a full-time veterinary surgery with the income it needs to survive. Residents of Symi have to take animals they care for to Rhodes by boat, which can be an arduous ordeal for most animals and a difficult expense for many residents. For the stray animals of Symi the situation is even more difficult.

What has FAROS done so far?
Realising that regular visits by Greek vets to Symi would be of great help to the island, FAROS has begun looking for volunteer vets who would be willing to take time out from their practises to come to Symi and offer their services to the island free of charge. We are very proud to announce that we have had great success in this initiative, and at the time of writing we have found 11 vets who have said they wish to come to Symi.

Is the Municipality of Symi involved?
The initiative has the formal support of the Municipality of Symi.

Who are the main sponsors?
The accommodation for both the clinic and the vets is donated by Kalodoukas Holidays. Tickets and transportation are donated by Symi Tours. EFG Design donates the design and printing of the posters.

FAROS clinics so far
We hope to bring voluntary vets to Symi every few months throughout the year. FAROS has already organised 4 clinics in less than a year:
Visit #1: Tuesday 29 April – Saturday 3 May 2008
Visit #2: Monday 4 - Saturday 9 August 2008
Visit #3: Friday 28 - Sunday 30 November 2008
Visit #4: Thursday 26 - Saturday 28 March 2009

What happens during the vet visits?
Anyone on Symi may bring their own animals or animals they care for to be seen by the vets free of charge. This can include:
General advice
Minor operations

How much does it cost?
The vets operate the clinic free of charge. If people bringing animals to the clinic wish to contribute towards the cost of the vet visits, they can leave a donation at the clinic.

How will I find out about the vet visits?
We will be keeping everyone up to date with what is happening via the SymiGreece.com website. We will also publish regular printed newsletters, posters, and other printed materials that will be reproduced online.

How can I help with the funding?
Symi businesses have already stepped forward with help in funding these vet visits. People who wish this not-for-profit initiative well can now donate to the FAROS Symi Animal Fund by clicking the "DONATE" button.

You can also donate by contacting us directly using the contact information at the top of this page. In the very near future we hope to offer a range of additional ways for donating to the FAROS Symi Animal Fund.

We will also be holding a number of fund-raising events; announcements will be made online at www.SymiGreece.com as well as via leaflets, published articles, Municipal announcements, etc.

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