Symi FestivalSymi Festival 2007PREMIERE - LIVE From the Central Square

00:15 - Spectacular End, Fireworks at the Harbour!
It was the most spectacular end to the Premiere with a standing ovasion and a 10 minute finale. The fireworks went off at the far end of Pitini. SymiGreece has taken hundreds of photos and videos this evening and there will be a comprehensive review of tonight's event later!

23:00 - The Magic Goes On
We are in the second half of the performance. Mitsias is on stage singing Hatzidaki, Mikroutsikos is having a break after a trumendous solo performance for the past 20 minutes.

21:00 - Light Check
It is now nine o'clock and a final light check takes place. The square is getting fuller and the performance is expected to start within the next half hour.

20:15 - Final Warm Up
Everyone on stage: Mikroutsikos, Mitsias, Koutras and Antonopoulou. Final warm up went well and everyone is now left to prepare for the Grand Opening!

19:15 - First Rehearsals
Thanos Mikroutsikos arrives at the square and he is testing his piano now!

17:00 - Four hours to go
Initial sound checks on stage.

15:00 - Six hours to go
The chairs are out on the square and the stage is getting ready.

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