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If anybody knows of any other films or TV programmes that have been filmed on Symi, please PM me.

The Guns of Navarone (1961)
ImageSynopsis: 1943. With the battle of Stalingrad turning the war against them, the Germans are attempting to bully neutral Turkey into joining the Axis; to this end they have trapped 2,000 British soldiers on Kiros, an island in the Aegean, with only one sea route for evacuation, a sea route commanded by two gigantic German antiship batteries deployed in a massive cliffside bunker on the island of Navarone. Immune to air attack and too much for Allied battleships to suppress, the British muster Keith Mallory, a commando officer who has been working on occupied Crete for nearly two years and who is an expert mountaineer, to ferry a team of British commandos to the only area of Navarone that is not monitored by the Germans, a 400-foot cliff. Greek resistance is to meet the team inland and guide them around German patrols to the area of the German guns. However, the commanding officer of the British team suffers grave injury in the climb and Mallory must take control of the mission, despite clashes with explosives expert John Anthony Miller, who upon the arrival of the night of the raid finds his equipment has been sabotaged, thus exposing a traitor in the team's ranks. Written by Michael Daly
Location(s): Agios Georgios.
Link: IMDb

Ten Times Empty (1977)
ImageSynopsis: The barren, sun-drenched Greek island of Symi has two resources: the surrounding deep blue sea and the legacy of a richer past. Symi's customs and habits continue unchanged: the dowry system, the funeral processions, the cafes filled with only men, the periodic announcements over the town loudspeaker, the bells of 300 churches summoning the 3000 inhabitants to Sunday services. There is a small tourist industry, just beginning, but fishing is the traditional family business. An old Greek proverb says, "The plate of a fisherman is ten times empty and one time full." The contemporary implications of this bitter statement are seen through the eyes of 11-year-old Vassily, son of a fisherman, and his family, whose lives as fishermen have become increasingly difficult. Due to depleted resources, a basic change is underway more and more people have been forced to emigrate overseas in order to make a living. Vassily sadly wonders whether he too will have to give up the traditional ways of his ancestors and leave the island. Well over half the adult males work away from Symi as merchant se amen and nearly everything on the island is imported.(IFF advertising flyer)
Location(s): ???.
Link: Juniper Films

Pascali's Island (1988)
ImageSynopsis: 1908: Pascali, a spy for the Sultan, sends reports to Istanbul that nobody reads. His suspicions are roused when a British archeologist appears, who may not be quite what he seems. Written by Cleo
Location(s): Yialos, mainly the Roloi area.
Link: IMDb

Annas Sommer (2001)
ImageSynopsis: Anna is the Jewish daughter of a Spanish mother and a Greek father. She has returned to her family's house in Greece after many of her friends and family members have died over the years. Although she came back to the house in order to sell it, things begin to take a different direction: The house itself, the furniture and other equipment in it seem to become alive for Anna, recalling images of her past, her beloved parents and her friend Max, who once gave her shelter from the raging policemen when she took part as a photo journalist in a political demonstration in Berlin. Anna changes her mind: When some rich, ignorant American couple wondering about if they should buy the house asks for the swimming pool (while the Mediterranean is half a mile away), she simply doubles the charge, and finally puts the "For sale" plate into the garbage can. In the meantime, she has had a little love affair with a young man from the village, found a girlfriend from her childhood days, swum in the sea, and found a way to live in peace with her melancholic memories. Written by Claus Horn
Location(s): ???.
Link: IMDb

"Yabanci Damat" - The Foreign Groom (2004)
ImageSynopsis: Nazli (Nehir Erdogan), daughter of the famous baklava seller (Erdal Özyagcilar ) in Gaziantep, finished her education in Ankara and returned to her home town. The family who is looking forward to the coming of their daughter is very pleased. Bu Nazli awaits a surprise. Kahraman Bey promised his business partner Okkes (Zeki Alasya) the marriage of his daughter and his son Kadir (Engin Akyürek). Nazli opposes this severely. First her father Kahraman, her mother Feride (Sumru Yavrucuk), her grandpa Memik (Arif Erkin), her sister (Binnur Kaya), her brother-in-law (Ilker Aksum) are against Nazli's opinion. The given promise cannot be broken! The day when Okkes and Kadir comes to ask for Nazli's hand in marriage, the girl runs away and goes to her schoolmate Zeynep in Bodrum. She gets a job in a hotel in Bodrum and starts working. Nazli's family looks for her everywhere. Nazli meets a good-looking young man in Bodrum, a foreigner. Nazli believes the boy is British. Yet, he is a Greek called Niko (Özgür Çevik ) whose family migrated from Istanbul to Athens. How will the friendship of a Greek boy and a girl from Antep turn out? For, the two countries' people have always lived in enmity for years. Though it works! Nazli and Niko fall desperately in love with each other yet there remain two big obstacles. Okkes and his son Kadir who is pursuing with all their clan. And Niko's girlfriend (Natalia Doussopoulos) who is a pop star. How will the couple get rid of them? How will their family respond? Niko's family who dislikes Turks and Nazli's family who doesn't like the Greek. The serial adorned with Turkish and Greek melodies is shot in Bodrum, Gaziantep, Istanbul, the Greek Island of Simi and Athens. Written by Anonymous
Location(s): Couple of episodes filmed in Yialos and they may have swam at Agia marina.
Link: IMDb

I Ioanna Tis Kardias - Joanna of The Heart (2006)
ImageSynopsis: The 22 years old Ioanna (Gioulika Skafida) lives with her parents in Athens and studies psychology in the University. She is beautiful, intelligent, charismatic and quite spoiled. Ioanna sees her entire world collapsing when she finds out she is adopted and her birth mother (Rena Louisidou) lives in Symi. Running away from home to meet her, upsets the lives of everyone around her. Written by Tzoanna
Location(s): Yialos and Harani.
Link: ANT1 TV


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