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Almost exactly a year ago, SymiGreece became the first and only interactive website for Symi with updates several times a day, something that no other website for a small Greek island has ever achieved. It is now the natural port of call for everything to do with Symi: from local news and photos, to tourist information and accommodation. Everyone involved with SymiGreece is extremely proud of the achievement of these past two years, and all this for a non-commercial site that gets no financial gain whatsoever. Love of Symi, and the wish (obsession!) to share the island with the World over the internet, makes all of us working for SymiGreece want to carry on and to keep on expanding.

A few months ago, Will and I were discussing ideas for how we could move SymiGreece further. And there came the big idea! SymiGreece in Greek! A website not restricted to tourists, foreign residents, and English speakers, but one that would involve all Greeks too; a truly Greek website.

I didn’t quite realise what we were getting ourselves into then! I do now! It has been a mammoth task, not just because of the vast number of translations it required, but also the coding nightmare as well. It’s one thing to create an interactive site in a single language, but to have it run in two at the same time proved a lot more complicated than initially thought.

The launch should have happened sometime last spring, but with the creation of FAROS, we had to put the launch of the Greek site back by a couple of months. But we are here now!

The Greek site should work and feel like the English one. All you have to do is click the Greek flag on the front page. The two sites share the same web address and your computer should be clever enough to remember your choice of language next time you go on SG. The two sites will work independently so when you post a Greek blog for example, you need to do so inside the Greek site (as it will only appear there). However, we are still using a single database, so once you are logged on, you are logged on automatically to both sites.

Apart from the Greek SymiGreece, we also have a brand-new chat page all in Greek. So, do come along and practice you Greek!

But it’s not only the change of language. From now on you will be able to use the site even more interactively. Over and above writing your own blogs and creating your own pages, you can now leave comments which will appear instantly on the site. Of course, anything inappropriate will not last very long .

Last but not least, we have changed the weather widget to a more accurate one, as I wasn’t happy with the temperature being 40 degrees outside and accuweather thinking it’s only 25!

We have many more ideas about the future of SymiGreece and actually some of them may be just around the corner. Enough changes for now though…

Enjoy the new SymiGreece!


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  1. Jord said on 11/07/2008, 11:43

    Well done to all involved. A lot of hard work and dedication - Jord

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