My SymiChristosHot Symi with Snake and Fireworks 12/10/2008, 01:19

It’s past midnight and I'm flying above Tirana at a speed of 857km per hour onboard an Aegean plane from London; with that speed I’ll be in Athens in 50mins. Only 12 hours ago I was sitting in a meeting in Edinburgh with the Scottish Government but soon enough we were all talking about Symi! Of the 8 people in the room (other than myself), everyone had heard of Symi and five had visited Symi on a day-trip from Rhodes in the past 15 months! A small World indeed with Symi right in the middle of it!

24 hours after leaving the house in St Albans and four plane changes later, I 'm now sitting by the sea-front in Rhodes admiring "Starfire", a mega-yacht showing off in Kolona Harbour, watching the sky changing colours above the old town and trying to stay awake until it’s time to get on the Pride at 8:30.

I had a very good chat about politics with Savas, the taxi-driver, on the way from the airport, discussing how the capitalist system is now falling apart with state intervention being championed even by free-market economies like the US and Britain where even the word "socialism" is anathema. Talking politics at 6 in the morning… I’m definitely in the right place!

Just plugged in my laptop to charge and checked my email. The temperature is in the late twenties and there is not a cloud in the sky. The Pride was packed full of weekend visitors and there must have been more than a hundred people that got off the boat. I 'm hardly ever up that early in the morning so I was very pleased to see that even in mid-October Yialos is still bustling packed full of yachts, morning walkers, breakfast eaters and shop traders.

Up at the house all the pusses were so happy to see me they even got me a pressie. Lying in the yard by a flower pot was a very long big fat (half-eaten) snake. I ‘ve never seen a living snake of this size and I hope that with all the fat cats about I never shall!

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The hot sun touching my face woke me up… the two fat cats on my bed had no such problems though. It’s time to go out for today’s photos… where shall I walk today?

Autumn? Winter? Well not on Symi. Shorts and (optional) t-shirt was all you needed today, and your (optional too I guess) swimming cozzie. "Starfire" was here too... arrived just after 5pm and after a brief inspection of Harani, it turned back and parked by Nos.

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Alexiou, ouzaki, food in the oven and blog-writing on the balcony in a breezy but warm moonlit Symi night.

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Soneone 's very happy tonight!

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(7) Comments

  1. Will said on 12/10/2008, 01:53

    Maybe they were celebrating the "Return of Christos"? Then again...

  2. Marianne said on 12/10/2008, 02:34

    I miss Symi!!! Ty Christos

  3. Joanie said on 12/10/2008, 15:55

    Enjoyed that Christos,why fireworks?

  4. Kate said on 12/10/2008, 15:58

    Lovely blog!Can't wait to come back in November, hope the weather stays this good 'til then.

  5. SamanthaF said on 12/10/2008, 16:32

    Lovely - thanks C. x

  6. Simon said on 12/10/2008, 21:30

    really enjoyed that Christos, so much gadding about!...i think the fireworks were a missile attack on the vomitor accom office, war on terror and all that...

  7. Christos said on 13/10/2008, 19:07

    Mystery solved! The fireworks were to celebrate Clare and Gabby's birthday. Happy birthday girls!

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