My SymiJayA Mouse Saga 16/09/2008, 01:04

A view of Symi from an untypical tourist.

Created at Kantirimi one sultry September evening, Mouse set out to experience some of the sights of Symi.

He had a drink , or six, with his new friend Bat at the Harani Bar where some seats were more comfortable than others....

Somewhat the worse for wear the two friends attempted to stow away on the Triton (SHHHHHH!)....

but opted for a ride home instead.

The morning after ~ a fried breakfast was on the menu.....

The view of Nimos from the Nimborios road was stunning....

but being out of the bright sun is much better for a headache.

Later it was ouzo time at the Rainbow bar in Chorio....

before an excellent dinner at Mythos (Mouse recommends the saganaki cheese) followed by a nightcap.

Up early for a little light shopping at Asymifos....

in time to catch the taxi boat to Nanou for some sailing.

After which Mouse needed to dry out, in more ways than one!


(6) Comments

  1. Will said on 16/09/2008, 01:38

    Excellent! and what an attractive mouse & bat they are!

  2. Christos said on 16/09/2008, 02:10

    Wonderful Jay! Hope Mouse and Bat are doing well despite missing Symi lots, I'm sure!

  3. SamanthaF said on 16/09/2008, 11:27

    Love it! Thanks Jay.

  4. Lorna said on 16/09/2008, 12:28

    very funny!!!

  5. Marianne said on 16/09/2008, 23:09

    Bat is missing Mouse (Pouse) sooo much

  6. brightfuture said on 10/10/2008, 13:00

    Brilliant! Will Bat and Mouse meet again on Symi? Maybe next year?


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