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Its the day before New Years Eve and we've just landed in Rodos.Managed to get a taxi without any fuss and went straight to the Crown Plaza Hotel.It's a handy place to stay being about 10 to 15 mins walk to the harbour.It was about 10 in the evening so we went out for dinner nearby.We were looking for a place called 'Indigo'which i'd read about in Kieran Ball's book 'Aphrodite's Curse',which is his quest to find some answers to the meaning of life,love and everything after Aphrodite makes a mistake with her matchmaking.His journey takes in lots of Greek islands and ends at Mt Olympus.I highly reccomend it! Anyway we did find 'Indigo' and it looked very nice but it was closed.
Most places were closed but we did find a great taverna called 'To Meghiston' .We had a lovely meal there and were looked after really well by this very chatty Greek/Australian guy who'd been working on Rodos for the past 2 months,he'd managed to find a room in a small hotel for 300 Euros a month !
In the morning the hotel laid on a huge breakfast display.As my stomach was still on English time i went for the slippery fried eggs and oily bacon option,which was very nice i may add.A quick dash down to Mandraki harbour and onto the 8.30 Dodekenis Express.
For the first 20 mins or so the sea was a bit choppy and i wondered if the slippery egg breakfast was the best option. . . .

Almost there

Coming in

Here we come

Dont jump . .

Checked into the Nireus,quick change then out and up the Kali Strata,here's some pics from our walk

Renovation project

From dark to light

Take a long look down !

beautiful ay ?

recognise the tree anyone ?

Time for a walk down to Pedi

Had a walk down to Pedi stopping off at a new bar,so new it didn't have a name yet,had a quick Ouzo then off down the hill.Luckily ther e was a taverna open so we stopped there for a couple of huge succulent pork steaks and a nice cold beer,looked out the window to see these little mites

Hub Cats

Boats in Pedi Bay

Gazing out to sea

It was a bit more trying going back up but we needed a calorie burning stride.Arrived back in the harbour late afternoon and headed straight for the Kantirimi Bar which was lovely and warm.Had a chat with Gap,probably the friendliest barman on Symi.Wondered if anyone has bought him a 'Mind The Gap' t.shirt back from London.But then thought he's probably got about 200 of them piled on top of his wardrobe in all shapes and sizes !

Headed out for New Years Eve dinner and it looked like 'Aris' was the only taverna open.So there we went.There was a party of 8 on one table, a couple on another one and us.Got shown to a nice table with a heater directly above .Top spot.We had a huge plate of mixed mezethes washed down with a jug and a half of draught retsina.
Fed a few latecomers

When midnight came everyone was up,lots of singing and dancing going on.We joined in with everyone,kissing on both cheeks and wishing each other 'kalee chronia'. Free drinks and cake on the house to finish with,then the thankfully short zigzag back to the Nireus.

New Years morning feeling not so bright and definately not breezy took a hike to Nimborio via Kantirimi(without stopping) up the hill toward the cemetery and church.Popped into the church to light a candle and give thanks that my hangover is not any worse than what it is.Saw a beautiful bird of prey on the way, huge thing with brown wings with white tips.Couldn't get a shot of it unfortunately.Here's some pics of our walk . .

And it has to get dark sometime

Decided to take the other way up to Chorio today

We went on a lovely walk across hillsides heading for Toli

And then we came to a road

Thought i'd try me luck, didn't see one car !

Never far from a beautiful view

These boots are made for walkin,that's what they're gonna do !

Some views along the way

Another pic from another day

So is this

While driving one day we came across a few goats

And a few more goats


Happened upon these little cuties after that

And then a horny ol' goat . . .

Hired a toy car !

Pedalled the little car all the way to Panormitis today to spend some time at the monastery.

Had a lovely peaceful time.
It's full title is The Greek Orthadox Monastery of Taxiarchis Mihail Panormitis,who is the Patron Saint of Symi and protector of sailors,an archangel.
The building itself is 18thCentury Venetion style and has the highest Baroque bell tower in the world so i've read.
The courtyard inside is paved in a geometric design out of black and white flat stones,i think it's called 'Hokhlakia 'or something similar.

And if you like pies it has an amazing old bakery hidden amongst it all.

And if you like candles over a metre long !

Drove down to the lovely Church of Saint Propikios and took this pic of one of the beautiful wall paintings that cover the whole of the interior.

Back in Yialos having a peek into someones back yard, soon be time for a sweep up !

Walked up to the old ruined windmills for some more views

Here's one down to Yialos

One of the marked rocks which guided us on our walks

A windmill which has recieved some t.l.c

This little place boasted two chapels,one with a flat roof with steps on the outside leading up to it . . . .

. . .so i took this from up there

Anyone for Squash ?

ALL this walking and talking is giving me a right thirst.Any chance of a pint ? What's that? You called last orders a while ago !
Lager Doubt !

A pic from Yialos

Here's a shot of a threshing circle.Wheat or barley was spread over it then a donkey would walk round and round dragging a spiky thing along behind,that would break up the wheat and loosen off the grain .I think

Lovely roads to walk on . .

Lovely hills to look upon . .

Err, lovely murals to ponder on ???

And some lovely hotels to put yourselves upon !

And if you go down to the woods today . . . .
You'll find Symi Green !

And yellow . . .

And purple . . .


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  1. Will said on 15/01/2009, 17:35

    Excellent! Ta Lofty. January is good wanlking time on Symi, indeed it is. Can't say I've ever met THAT many goats on the road before though!

    p.s. yes, Gap has quite a few "Mind the Gap" things (at least one of them from me!)

  2. Kate said on 15/01/2009, 17:54

    Wonderful blog Lofty and fab photos. Brings tears to my eyes looking at all that beauty. Was that 'good walking time on Symi' Will or something else?

  3. Lofty said on 15/01/2009, 17:56

    Ha ha yes thankfully he managed to hit the 'l' key !

  4. Will said on 15/01/2009, 19:02

    Every month is a good month for wanlking!

  5. Simon said on 15/01/2009, 21:02

    Great read and pic's lofty, iv'e never seen so many goats,see you been takin a nosey peek behind the purple and gold house as well, christos mentioned it use to be a hotel, i love it!..i want it all for myself!

  6. Lofty said on 15/01/2009, 21:29

    Thanks S,the purple and gold hotel stands empty, i was aching to get inside,it looks very special.

  7. Joanie said on 16/01/2009, 02:12

    Great blog Lofty,wonderful pics (a good photographer you are too) unfortunately i could'nt get any pics from "the walk to Pedi" just small red x's must be this computer, the ones I saw were fab

  8. Lofty said on 16/01/2009, 08:52

    Thanks J, i must admit at this point that Mrs.Lofty took a lot of them !

  9. brightfuture said on 17/01/2009, 17:57

    Great blog Lofty. I felt like I was there with you. It brought back many lovely memories, although I've yet to go to Toli. Lovely pics (thanks Mrs Lofty).
    How beautiful it all looks, even in January. I am green with envy!

  10. lizzykitch said on 02/02/2009, 17:58

    Thanks for a witty and visually excellent blog! xx

  11. Lofty said on 02/02/2009, 21:22

    Thanks for your great responses everyone.
    I hope we get the chance to do another one this year. . . .

  12. sugardens said on 02/02/2009, 23:42

    lovely photographs - thankyou...

  13. Leon said on 11/02/2009, 12:22

    Great pictures, and all of them has the real Greek spirit in itself. Thank you!

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