On September 3rd the day had finally arrived - our two weeks to Symi for the first time
After waiting for 5 hours we could enter the ferry from Rhodes. We met Jane (Jay) & Kevin at once - what a nice start to our holiday

We saw Symi for the first time in the evening, still a beautiful sight! George from Kaladoukas took us up to our apartment (Stavros),

and what a wonderful way to wake up in the morning:

.. or go to bed:


First an update of the Mouse-saga from Jay. Here's the story of his friend... the Bat:

Waving goodbye to their maker - Will - the two friends headed for a bit of drinking and singing (80's music) at Harani Bar. Singing and drinking went on all night long.

Being too drunk to drive, they said goodbye and headed to their new homes

Bat had no luck getting a taxi 5.30 in the morning..

Terrible headake the next morning, but Bat was very lucky and got to see Will and Christos cats before he went all the way to Nimborio. Had to stop by the beautiful church.

Very happy to meet up with Mouse again in the afternoon.. and they got to admire Jane's nice work while the others took a swim

Bat was so sad when Mouse had to go with his new owners to England

Later in his holiday he made new friends (Frog, Horse I and Horse II)

and they all made it all the way back to Norway


As always a lot of animals seems to appear in our photos:

- Barbie of course:

- the typical tourist with goat:

- Will and Christo's cats:

- ..and other adorable kittens and cats:


Finally I just want to share some of our photos of Symi.. they don't do justice to the beauty.

So glad we got to meet so many of you! Hopefully we get to go back very soon!
Marianne (and Kenneth)


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  1. Will said on 25/09/2008, 04:48

    Excellent! and so MANY nice photos is a real treat. Thank You :-) It was nice to meet two people who really understood Symi. I hope you're back VERY soon...and maybe you can have a mouse of your very own!

  2. Marianne said on 25/09/2008, 10:17

    ... and go camping, and seeing Kantrimi saturday-night in winter, and be there when FAROS is open... lots left to do

  3. Kate said on 25/09/2008, 10:20

    Hi Marianne and Kennneth

    Great blog and beautiful photos! We shared a van with you upon arrival in Symi on the way to our apartments (I said I had been to Halden and Oslo as a child). Hopefully all the cats are still being fed; I'm so happy to see 'Dad', the big grey and white tom, as we were also feeding him and he always arrived later than the rest for his meals - now I know why! Hope to see you again next year. All the best. Kate and Alistair.

  4. Marianne said on 25/09/2008, 10:49

    Ah it's you Nice to hear from you Kate! Hope to see you and Alistair next year!

  5. Christos said on 25/09/2008, 14:08

    Fantastic Marianne! I really enjoyed that (and all 83 photos too!... yes I did count them!) Thank you!

  6. Nouky said on 25/09/2008, 15:08

    Great blog, and beautiful place you were staying in Marianne, indeed very nice views to wake up to! Maybe we will get to meet next summer? Anouk

  7. SamanthaF said on 25/09/2008, 16:33

    Wonderful stuff Marianne - thank you.

  8. Marianne said on 25/09/2008, 16:51

    Thank you all, hope to see you too Anouk..Symi or Holland

  9. Joanie said on 25/09/2008, 19:06

    Oh Marianne that was wonderful,fanastic pictures,and as you say great view to wake up to.Thanks

  10. Simon said on 25/09/2008, 21:27

    Great marianne, i stayed somewhere close to there on my first visit and the views are wonderful

  11. Jay said on 26/09/2008, 01:02

    Beautiful Marianne, so glad that you went to Nanou, one of my favourite places anywhere! Hope the paper menagerie is thriving and speak to you soon. Say Hi to Kenneth from us both.
    Jane ~ and Kevin,

  12. lizzykitch said on 26/09/2008, 17:38

    Lovely, lovely, lovely xx

  13. brightfuture said on 10/10/2008, 12:48

    Lovely photos of lovely Symi. Loved the mouse-sage too. Thanks for those.
    Sorry I missed meeting you. Next time, maybe.

  14. brightfuture said on 10/10/2008, 12:49

    mouse-sage? LOL
    I meant saga of course.


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