My SymiNoukyHoliday 2008 26/08/2008, 23:20

Right, here goes my 2nd blog. The first one it took me 2 hours of typing yesterday, then when I hit the 'submit' button it said 'fatal error' and the whole thing was gone!! I lost faith there for a while then...
I think it was my own fault tho, I suspect the site had logged me out because I didn't change the 'remember me' thingy... Woops.
So here goes my second blog! I hope you all enjoy it, and don't get too bored with it.

I arrived in Symi on the 7th, straight into the boiling heat so to speak(I came from Holland, the contrast was rather shocking..). It took me about an hour to walk from one end of the harbour to the other, saying hello to everyone and giving them sweaty hugs. Lovely image hey!
After dropping off my bags I went straight up to the Faros surgery to see Christos and Will and meet the vets.

Christos gave me a grand tour of the house, and I got to meet ALL their cats in the backgarden. Cuddles all round!

The next day, on my way to Nos for my very first swim, I found this lonely internetter. Reckon she's on SG?

That evening I went back up to the surgery with some olives(not the branches), and we sat drinking wine and chatting pretty much all night. It was such a lovely evening!


Christos with a well-deserved glass of wine, Will hiding behind his origami.
Saturday, before going out, I managed to catch Christos at work, filming the festival.

And then I managed an even bigger feat: I got almost everyone into the club!!

As you can see, Kieran was really enjoying himself.

We agreed to walk to Nimborio on sunday, Josie's only day off. When we set off at around 1, I think we were all still on the drunk side of life, seeing as we only stumbled home from Astarti around 9-ish.
Puma tried to cheer me up with cuddles,

the view tried to cheer me up,

but none of it worked, when we started walking up the steps I still felt rough!
And I wasn't the only one...

I do really love that walk tho.

And my favourite view:

I needed a serious breather and a few million litres of water by the time I got to the top! And again, I wasn't the only one..

The walk down was ok, and the swim in Nimborio bay made me feel so much better.
I even found a (hungover) starfish on the beach.

And, the bonus of the day, I found the house that I might want to retire in(not sure if I can afford it tho..).

By the time we got back round, the harbour had filled up, with no room to spare.

Seeing as I couldn't handle another night out, we vegged out on J&J's balcony, eating pizza and enjoying Symi-by-night,

and Pu-by-night.

After a few random days of swimming at Nos with George,

getting attacked by hornets in Pedi whilst having lunch,

and having shots with Agapitos in Kantirimi every night after work,

finally 'the others' arrived!

Within 5 minutes, Tom was settled in a chair with a beer, a frappe, and 2(yes 2) pita gyros(he hadn't even unpacked his bags yet)!

We went on the Diagoras to St. Emilianos for the day, and everyone joined us. Strike a pose, Gerry!

It was just the most gorgeous day, especially because it was quite windy on that side of the island. Getting away from the scorching heat for a few hours was heaven, seeing as I hadn't slept properly since I got there.
I think Jord should have taken off his sunglasses before trying to take off his shirt tho...

We also rented a car for a day, and went to Panormitis to light a candle and recharge our spiritual batteries.


We saw these 2 sweet little kittens at the bakery, they were just so friendly, I'm sure they were being well-taken care of.

Next stop, Marathounda for a swim, a lunch and a nap.

Another lovely, relaxing Symi day! Well, at least relaxing for me, I'm not sure about the others, because I was driving, and we still had to get back to the harbour!
The views on the drive are just amazing, as I'm sure you all know.

On Megan birthday, the George and I (that sounds like a Shakespearean story, or maybe the name of a pub..) went for a round-the-island trip on the Triton, with a very yummy bbq at Sesklia.
The boat was absolutely packed, but when we got to Sesklia everyone got off, so we had all the beds to ourselves.

In the meantime(back at the ranch) Tom had organised this really nice bbq in Nimos, with a very fancy taxi boat!

In the evening we went for dinner in Mythos Roofgarden Restaurant, where pretty much all of us went for the Indian curry option(as you do whilst on a greek island). The food was gorgeous, I can definately recommend it!
And yes, after dinner, we all donned our toga's and had a brilliant party at Kantirimi!


Tom's theme was 'accessorize accessorize',

but I think Kieran was definately the king of the toga's. It just suits him soo well!!

The Day After, none of us got up before 3, and then we all sat at Kantirimi looking like we got hit by an alcohol truck for the rest of the afternoon!

And then, unfortunately, my last day came.
The Proteus was supposed to leave at 12, but we didn't actually take off until about 2, what with all the Symi Fish trucks trying to get on. So, bless them all, everyone came to wave me off (or maybe to check if I had really left), and they all stood in the boiling heat for ages, with no shade in sight, waiting for the boat to set off!

Hopefully next year I will be able to stay there a bit longer, but until then, bye Symi, and more importantly, bye my Symi friends, I will miss you!


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  1. Will said on 27/08/2008, 00:49

    Very nice indeed. All of us except you are still least until 16 hours from now.

  2. Christos said on 27/08/2008, 01:22

    Brilliant Noukster!... despite missing on the chop-head treatment Agapitos got!

  3. Lofty said on 27/08/2008, 09:48

    Great blog and pics Nouky,it gave us a taste of what's to come,and i know we're gonna love it!

  4. Jord said on 27/08/2008, 09:52

    Nice blog Anouk! We all miss you. See you next year (you promised!) Rest of the gang leave today. Symi will be very quiet without you lot!

  5. Nouky said on 27/08/2008, 11:00

    Yes sorry about Agapitos' chopped head, I was concentrating on the shots, hihi...
    And thanx Christos(at least I presume it was you?) for tidying the whole thing up. It looks much better now.

  6. SamanthaF said on 27/08/2008, 12:14

    How very brilliant Nouky. (People in my office must be wondering why I am staring at my screen with a silly grin.)

  7. lizzykitch said on 27/08/2008, 19:46

    A wonderful read Nouky! Really enjoyed your blog enormously, wish I'd been there xx

  8. Simon said on 27/08/2008, 22:19

    Excellent Nouky! looks like you had a great time!
    Wish i could do that much in that space of time! X

  9. Marianne said on 02/09/2008, 00:15

    Great Nouky only TWO days I can see for myself.

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