My SymiPekkaBus spotting - another side of Symi 07/10/2008, 11:05

Walking in Symi you see a lot of things. We found many buses. This beauty you can spot near Pedi beach. It may have its best before day far behind, but has still something to hide.

The other one seems very fine to me. See the two side windows. And what a friend it has. Situated behind Pedi Power. A pity I never got to travel with it.

This one we travelled several times with Lakis and Sakis. It is a real tourist attraction now. You'll find it in the hair spinn of the road up from harbour to horio relaxing and sunbathing.

Where have the green buses gone? Oh you know by now. This one is a quicker – not – so – easy – to - catch – in – the – motion. But you can phone it, and the best travel with Lakis as we have done so many times when we arrive Symi from Rhodos. A friendly one endeed.

The back of it is not a good sight, specially when you are not in it but wanted to.

So many buses in Symi! A Symi transport museum or...

You get the picture?


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  1. Will said on 07/10/2008, 17:46

    So the green symi bus that retired a year or so ago was not the first one! I never's still there in the SymiGreece logo, despite being retired now.

    Thanks Pekka, that brought a smile to my face on a cold, wet afternoon!

  2. SamanthaF said on 07/10/2008, 21:42

    Thanks Pekka!

  3. Jay said on 08/10/2008, 01:02

    The change over rate for Symi buses has speeded up in recent years, the original green one puttered up and down for years and years it seems. Old Symi buses never die, they just get put out to pasture!! Thanks Pekka, Jay.

  4. brightfuture said on 08/10/2008, 18:08

    Well, who'd have thought you'd find so many! Thanks.

  5. Pekka said on 09/10/2008, 16:42

    Thx guys for nice comments. It was hard job, mostly walking in Pedi area. If you'll spot even more Symi buses, please let me know.

    Btw the first collective transport for us in Symi was not even a bus, it was a nice open truck (not even green) with benches on it and sun was all the way with us.

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