My SymiWillThe Return of Simos 07/08/2007, 02:12

Oh my! it's 1:45 in the morning and I'm just starting to type. Bugger!

Mikroulis is here with me. He's an ugly deformed cat, all lumpy and hairless and foul and he reminds me of Jord. Actually, he's a very beautiful cat as you can see for yourself here and doesn't remind me in the least of Jord. Mikroulis is one year old and very sweet, and has a very tight & plump busby under his tail. Christos and I are debating the pros and cons of having this busby emptied when the vet is here in a couple of months. Mikroulis is not the first Symi man-cat in our lives though. The original, super-honey-hunky-Symi-man-cat is Simos who you can see in the banner above.

Christos and I first met Simos on the very first day of our very first visit to Symi in 2003 and he made a rather big impact on us. I wrote all about that last June in one of my blogs. I also wrote two months later about finding him again at Kali Strata bar after having looked for him for the best part of a year.

I was working up at the house this afternoon when the phone rang; it was Christos telling me to go out on the balcony with the binoculars and look across the harbour to "Simos's House", the place we used to stay before we bought our house here. Through the lenses of the binocs I could see a waving Christos and...Simos! After seeing this I thought "Stuff the work! it's Simos!!" and a short while later I was up at Simos's House feeding him a can of Rokus cat food. Bless him. He is SO handsome! I will feed him a whole can of cat food every day that I am able!

So you can all appreciate the totally, utter, sheer, superb cat perfection that is Simos, you are invited to look at the pictures below, showing him over the years. I guess he's now about 7 years old. I wish he lived on this side of the harbour.

Simos Rocks!!


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