My SymiWillSymi Tonight 12/08/2007, 00:37

It's now...lemme see...thity minutes after midnight. Christos and I have been sitting on our balcony eating leftovers from last night. It's cooler than other nights recently and there are clouds in the sky and an absence of the oft-constant chirrup of the cicadas. Symi looks beautiful. Mikroulis has come in and ensconced himself directly beneath the air-con, even though it's not turned on. Haris Alexiou is singing "Os tin akri t'ourano sou", and the night jasmine is in bloom and smells gorgeous!

Christos has just taken some pictures (with me directing, of course!) and you can see the best ones below. Now...don't you all just wish you lived in Symi?

Have a great evening wherever you are!



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