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Six years ago I researched just what today, October 28th, means for Greece. On this day, "Ohi Day" or, as the Greeks call it "The Commemoration of the 'No'", the people of Greece from the very young to the very old, come out onto the streets to remember October 28th 1940. My research led to a blog which is, I think, the best I ever wrote for even found its way into the News of Symi newspaper. Please read the blog, either for the first time or to refresh your memory as this year, 2012, Ohi Day has never felt more important.

As in 1940, Greece is a country under threat from foreign powers...and its sovereignty has never been so fragile in peace-time. Unlike in 1940, the government of Greece in 2012 is a spineless bunch of capitulaters and self-serving betrayers who are conniving with the bullies of Northern Europe to sell off Greece and its sovereignty, taxing those hard working people who have already paid their taxes many times over. Their actions have reduced the nation to beggary, and the media says what its rich owners tell it to say, keeping the people in fear.

Within its own borders, the rise of the fascists has been frightening, with polls suggesting that 1 in 6 voters would choose them in a General Election and 1 in 4 saying they could consider voting for them. The Police Force in Greece seem well and truly in the pockets of these thugs, with estimates that maybe as many as two-thirds of police support them.

Please watch this video to see what Golden Dawn really are

Greece is dieing. It needs the people to once more say "No!" and to rise up and rid themselves of those who lead them but do not represent them. The honest working men and women of Greece need to take power from the rich and the greedy. Greece needs a new "Ohi Day". I hope it finds the courage to say that "No" soon.


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  1. lizzykitch said on 02/01/2013, 13:43

    Brilliant thanks Will and Christos!xx

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