My SymiWillThe aggressive Symi Visitor bore with the mullet 28/09/2007, 21:41

I'm sitting on my balcony at 20:07. Despite the sound of a couple of cars down in the harbour it's very quiet in Symi. I do like this time of day. There're no lights on up at Jord and Jo's place that I can see...maybe they have had an early night Poor Jo!

Christos and I took the path by Agios Giorgios Drakountas (aka Bob...if you don't know what I mean, read this blog from last October) and then down the slippery path (Heather, Oor Willie's missus doesn't like this path...she walked it once and had her eyes tight shut, clinging onto her dear man out of fright. It's true! She told me herself today!) to Nimborio. They've extended the beach on the curve in the road. It's very nice and gets the sun all day. Christos and I decided not to tell any of you about it as you may all go there and we won't be able to find a place to lay our towel. So I won't mention it. Shhhh!!!!!

We took the long way back using the coast road, past Nos and through Harani. We arrived at the Clock Tower at the same time as Nikos Halkitis, the builder who styles himself as "proprietor" of the Symi Visitor (I much prefer the name "Symi Vomitor"). Rather pathetically, he can't prevent himself from shouting some abuse at us whenever he sees us. He's not the most coherent of people and it's often difficult to understand his verbal diarrhoea, but it was something like "Gawd, won't you just the fuck away", or somesuch. He likes the word "fuck" a lot, and "wanker" too, and almost always uses one or other of them, if not both, when he makes a spectacle of himself in public. Wendy Wilcox of the Symi Visitor has already relayed to us that abuse in the street is the Symi Visitor way of things, not that we needed Wendy to tell us was already quite apparent.

It was in the same spot, by the clock tower, that a couple months ago Halkitis physically assaulted a friend of Christos's and mine for no better reason, as far as we could tell, than they were a friend of ours and he didn't like the SymiGreece website. From this, you can attempt to gauge the level of the man's intellect. It is, I'm afraid, sorely lacking. This incident resulted in a formal complaint being made against Halkitis with the police here on Symi. It seems he still hasn't learned his lesson.

You will notice that I am showing the same photo several times in this blog. This is intentional. The photo is of the "proprietor of the Symi Visitor" himself that I took last year. For details of the circumstances, you can read the blog I wrote at the time and see how much Halkitis seems to think that violence and aggression are a good way to conduct business.

The photo sums up the man quite well. Here it is again in case you missed it....

...and again....

I won't put it any more as I wouldn't want you to get ill.


I do wish you'd go away too, Nikos. You are a mulleted bore. How can you expect, after the lies, lies and more lies that your staff at the Symi Visitor told to Christos and me last year regarding the tourist rental of our house (we still have the emails! Would you like me to publish them here?) and your own lies to us about getting the house ready for the season, that we'd have anything other than contempt for the Symi Visitor. I don't like how you do business. It stinks. I couldn't possibly recommend anyone to use your company, and especially not to buy real estate from you. In fact, I will continue to warn them away in the strongest way I can.

What surprises me is that many of your so-called "friends" up in "The Village" know this too, yet they seem to be able to compartmentalise their morality and remain your least to your face, as several have been more than willing (when loosened up with a few drinks) to tell us how much you disgust them. So long as they never have to do business with you themselves, it seems, they can smile and shake your hand. Personally, I only have one face. I guess Sean Damer got a lot right.

You're just going to have to learn to live with the existence of SymiGreece, Nikos. There's another website other than your own letting people know about accommodation on Symi now, and it does it for free and also does a far better job too. I'm sure you're upset with how this has affected the business of the Symi Visitor, but that doesn't give you the right to be violent about it. If your business did a better and fairer job, maybe things would get better for you.

Leave me, Christos and our friends alone...and please pass that on to Wendy.


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