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I'm back on Symi....I'm back on Symi...ner ner!


It's both better AND worse than it was when I was last here at the end of September/beginning of October. It's better because the annual Invasion of the Drink-Throwing Cretinous that afflicts Symi each year was still underway back then but has now passed by...and Symi has survived once again. Hoorah! It's worse because it's too cold now to swim...and it's often wet.

I have been working while here the past week, and for two days I never even went outside. I had to make do with a horrible view out of my window...ya know, the sea, Yialos, churches, hundreds of multi-coloured Symi houses clustering on the slopes on the hills...uuugghhh. Give me Slough, Preston, Wolverhampton in preference any day for sheer architectural beauty.

I could, of course, be fibbing. I do it often.

Here is a picture of the sky.

It about sums up the Symi weather at the moment. Sun shining one moment, rain falling the next. Often both happening at the same time. The temperature can be hot (I sunbathed last Sunday!), indifferent (like today), or rather nippy (like most nights). As I type, Jord is out on the balcony shivering as he sucks maniacally on a Pall Mall cigarette...poor, sad old addict. Give it up! It's a filthy habit!

Jord can't go anywhere without his sub-standard Apple he's brought it up to the house tonight so he can play with it while we eat dinner. Josie is taking the opportunity during his absence to surf the web.

Jord has come back in now. He stinks of fag smoke. Yuk. I shall have to ask Josie how she can bear to kiss him after he's smoked...she usually has to wear a blindfold anyway, so maybe she has to use noseplugs too?


What have I done today? Well...half the day was actually gone before I woke up. Lazy bugger, me. Jord invited himself up to use the wireless internet, help himself to the contents of our fridge, lounge around disgracefully on our furniture and fill up the ashtray on the balcony table (What's that Christos? No...I'm not obsessed!) We all went down to the harbour together in search of photo-opportunities...well, they did...I went in search of food. They didn't want to sit down at Yefiraki for a nice lunch so I had to stay hungry. Jord, between fags, managed to eat a portion of chips dispensed by the chip machine down near the Roloi. They looked suspiciously over-yellow and I didn't try one...not that I was offered. Jord scoffed the lot...with a specious-looking sachet of brown sauce too. Pig.

While all this was going on, I sat by the Roloi watching the fork-lighting over Turkey and the rain clouds sweeping towards Rhodes. While I sat, I made a horse. I have managed to convert six copies of the Symi Vomitor into origami creatures this past week. I like doing this a lot (read here to find out why!) November's faux-journalist excressence looks even worse than usual...could the person who tried to jazz up the rag's image have left them so soon? shock! I decided that for once I would forego using the front page of the Vomitor (I used it later to clean up cat diarrhoea...a purpose it could have been designed for...well, it certainly LOOKS like it was designed for it, anyhow) as there were so many other pages that needed tearing up.

The page I settled on had three poor photographs of cabbages. The same photo three times in fact. Pure class. It also had a picture of something that looked like a dog being was so poorly printed it was really impossible to see what it was for sure. Quality!

I made my horse in about 12 used to take me over 20 minutes but all the Symi Vomitor-tearing I've indulged in this year has sped me up. I posed my horsey on the bridge in Yialos. Barbie, that sweet doggy, started barking at the horse and after realising she could only see it's underside, we turned the horse over and looked at its anus to see what had upset her so. Oh dear. It seems my horse was very lifelike indeed! No doubt the rectal-resident was taking photos for December's Vomitor from a typical vantage point.

We sheltered in Kantirimi and I scoffed a toasted sarnie washed down with ouzo...well yum! I was going to suggest playing Tavli with Josie, but she beat me last time, so I didn't.

Jord is now back outside smoking again. Josie is, once again, surfing the web. She is looking at some particularly shocking websites. Josie!! I never would have guessed!!

Ah...Symi! You're changing. Pat & Ali's Bar has gone...where will Lorna get her cups of tea, now? or Claudia her scrambled egg and bacon? Yianni's Taverna may not be opening next year, though I hope it will. There's another bar up in Horio that's closing, but as it's more like a cheap sitting room in Walsall than a bar in Greece, I shan't miss it...not that I've ever been there. A lady on Symi that I don't like much has finally got out of an abusive relationship with a mulleted cowboy builder...good for her, let's hope it makes her a better person. There are also several empty shops down in Yialos that will have new businesses in them next year...and one in particular at the bottom of the Kali Strata that will soon be the pride of Symi!



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