My SymiWillSardines, Winston Smith and Pedi 29/12/2007, 01:15

I’ve just been eating in Aris – makaronia me kima was my main course (Lucy’s too…she thought it needed more tomato) with a nice salty plate of patates tiganites (that’s chips to you! or french fries if you think chips are what I call crisps…language! what a pain!) Barbie found me while I was eating and as I’d not seen her all day she got excited, bless her. We had a dance and I have never seen her look so happy.

Anyway, that was just then, and a blog isn’t only about the just-thens but about the earlier-ons too…so…earlier on…

…I decided to go for a walk to Pedi.

It was another gloriously clear-skied made-me-so-happy-I-was-on-Symi day. Down the bottom of the steps by the Town Hall skip there was a half-starved kitten, so first port of call was Taxas for a tin of sardines in oil. The kitten ate most of the sardines before giving up and another sickly bin cat finished them off and lapped up the oil.

By Dino’s Sponges, the Mayor was watching a trio of workers laying more of the white crazy paving that is becoming obligatory in Yialos. I’m hoping they turn their attention to the pavement all the way down to the Roloi next.

Fifteen minutes later, a can-full of Red Bull in my tummy, I was at the top of the Kali Strata and making good progress. As usual this past week, I was beginning to regret wearing a jumper and heavy coat. I remembered that I had my iPod in my pocket and, once the headphones were stuck in my ears, I continued listening to the rather good reading of George Orwell’s 1984 that I had begun yesterday.

As I made my way along the road to Pedi, Winston Smith was making his way into the prole areas of London and finding the little room above Mr. Charrington’s antique shop. I immediately named the fat pig that I found asleep by the Pedi Road, Winston.

From the foot of the Kali Strata, it had taken me 35 minutes to reach Pedi at a reasonably gentle pace. I was greeted by the dog Iraklis, a mass of black hens and cockerels, and a beach-full of hauled-up taxi boats. Less than four months ago I had made an origami penguin in excellent company on the same beach. Ah, summer…

I always find Pedi a strange place because I can never quite make up my mind about whether I like it much or not. Sometimes it can seem too quiet and cut-off. Today, it felt close and peaceful. The story being read to me was a strange companion and its sadness seemed echoed by the stillness of the almost deserted fishing village. I am still undecided, but maybe this is a good thing.

I visited the rocky pool by the church, remembering how Claudia always wants to use the stepping stones and how I am always so scared that she’ll slip and hurt herself. The hammock was not out by the Pedi Studios, and there were no walkers to Agios Nikolaos beach.

I made my slow way back up the road to Horio as Winston and Julia were enjoying coffee and chocolate in the room above the antique shop. The sight of the harbour, beautiful and care-free left the story seeming rather unreal, so I turned my iPod off and sat and enjoyed the view.

Claudia is coming, I thought, and I have missed her.


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