My SymiWillJordan & Josie not at home 11/11/2006, 22:00

The first thing I did this morning was dig a grave. The kitten shown in Thursday’s blog sitting in a blue doorway, who was no more than a skeleton draped in filthy fur, died in my hands last night. Too little food for too long, too many fleas and tics, and nobody interested in its well-being until it was too late.

I have spent the day feel waves of anger, guilt, shame, and deep sadness. Symi is a beautiful place and a kitten dieing of starvation and total neglect in the harbour area, passed by hundreds of people during the day, is inexcusable. Worse than that, it’s obscene. I am sick of people telling me that this is how things are, and that I should accept it; that’s just an excuse for not caring. Sometimes things are just plain wrong no matter how you look at them, and this is one of those things.

I told you I was angry! When I set out from the house today I really wasn’t in the mood to take photos of Symi. I felt it had let me down and didn’t deserve my attention. I was also in the mood for finding Simos, so I bought a can of “Fleshy” and set off up the Kali Strata. Simos once more eluded me. I miss him and would have liked to have fed him until his belly was fat and round and his purrs were almost deafening. He is gone, but if I am lucky I may find him again next summer.

Clutching my can of “Fleshy”, I went up into Horio in search of a cat who needed fattening up. I didn’t find any. They are all fat up there. I have been told that the first cold days of November are too much for the weak and many kittens die very quickly from hypothermia. Maybe that’s why the only cats I saw were plump. Ach! I am still angry!

If Jord and Josie had been around today I would have called on them to say “hi!”and get a bit of sympathy but they’re thousands of miles away. It felt strange being by their house while they were in Britain. It’s almost always the other way around.

I carried on past their house and soon found a cluster of a dozen or so cats who seemed to be waiting for someone. The “Fleshy” was tipped out and a peaceful scrum ensued. It brought a smile to my face.

The day has been mostly dry, not too cold, with the occasional drizzle. There are loads of green, juicy plants pushing their way through the soil, and even the bougainvileas are still producing clusters of new flowers.

The views from high up in Horio are wonderful, and despite the overcast sky I could clearly see the buildings of Datca in Turkey and the sea far beyond Pedi.

As I mentioned in another blog some months ago, I pity the person having to choose where on the island they want to buy a house. I couldn’t make up my mind (mine was made up for me when I bought my own place!) as each part of the island has its own big advantages. Horio has its views, but I wouldn’t fancy the trek down to the harbour too often.

I’ll also never cease being amazed at how amidst a cluster of ruins, you can always find one house that has been restored and has all the mod cons.

Symi, Symi, Symi! I can’t be angry with you. It’s not your fault. I am going tomorrow and will miss you until I return.

I am looking forward to seeing Claudia and also my two fat cats. I will give them an extra long cuddle so they’re sure that I love them even though I leave them so often.



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