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As you can see from the photos, it’s been another beautiful November day on Symi with plenty of warm sunshine. The small metal table on our balcony had soaked up enough heat from the sun by midday to be hot to the touch, and Mikroulis decided to make it his sunbed for a while. Handsome little fella, ain’t he!

Compared to the celebrations yesterday, Symi has been still and quiet. There have been enough people about for a few of the tavernas to remain open for lunch however, and even some of the tourist shops too. This weekend, a lot of those places that are still open will close for the winter. The Pride and Express stopped their runs to Symi today until the Spring, and the Symi will have its last trip on Sunday. The Aegli and Proteas will be the lifeline for Symi for the next few months.

It does seem a shame that with good weather still blessing Symi that there are not more people here to enjoy it. The familiar people that you could see running the bars and shops over summer are now to be seen resting in bars and walking with the children; at least they get some pleasant weather to enjoy before the inevitable cold, windy and wet winter arrives.

We went down the steps to the harbour to visit Clare at Silveraki, but the place was locked up with sunbathing cats the only sign of life. Vapori is all closed up and the area has the feel of a car park.

We climbed the first 130 steps of the Kali Strata to Simos’s House. He wasn’t there as usual, but Dimitris was busy with his pneumatic drill breaking up some old concrete. The house is being turned into a restaurant, and hopefully will be open next season. For those lucky enough to eat there, it will have the best views of Symi.

We carried on up to the Kali Strata Bar in the hope that Simos would be there, but only a fat fluffy cat was enjoying the view.

Coming down by the Steps in Pitini we found a young cat who had just caught a white lizard. As we watched, it bit off its back legs to stop it escaping and then played with it casually.

"The Symi" was leaving as we came back to the Sea, but not many people were on board.

I never tire of photographing Yialos, even though I’m sure I’ve taken the same pictures many times over the past months. It’s such a unique place and I always see something in a view that I’ve missed before. Sometimes it’s nice, like in the photo below, to allow the branches of a tree to intrude in the frame.

It’s always nice to photograph the sky too. The photo above was taken at about three o’clock with the sun low in the west. The gorgeous blue in the picture below was taken not long after noon with the sun high in the south. So many shades of my favourite colour; Symi spoils me!

Mickey and Lakis were both hung-over from their name day celebrations yesterday. At four o’clock this afternoon we came upon Lakis who complained of having missed both his breakfast and lunch. He soon found a juicy nibble by Symi Coffee Corner.

The latest episode of “Ioanna tis kardias” is on now. The heroine has just had a chat with a cyclist on the bridge (!) and has been VERY rude in the shower with a man who needs a haircut. It’s really nice watching the series when I’m on Symi and seeing all the places that are just outside the window on the TV screen. It feels a bit weird!

Anyway, I’m going to pour myself a drink and rest now. I hope you enjoy the blog,



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