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July 6th 2007

Hello Everybody!

With the new SymiGreece site going up later, I'm trying out the MySymi blogging facility. It's all quite exciting! After last year's load of blogs, I have been neglectful of writing but there were many reasons. Firstly, it was just taking too long doing it the old way...two to three hours each day. Secondly, with the Symi Today photos starting, the pictures in my blogs became less necessary for keeping people in touch with Symi. Thirdly, there needed to be other bloggers than me! That's when the MySymi idea came up (my idea...though I'm sure Christos will claim it as his!); a site where anyone could write a blog, post up their holiday snaps, recommend bars, restaurants, or beaches, post up YouTube stuff, or just say anything at all. MySymi has now finally arrived, and I hope that many of you will register for "blogging" accounts. Posting up a blog such as this is pretty much the same as putting up a posting on the chat page; though there does exist a great deal of extra functionality should you want it. I will no doubt get into this soon...multiple pages, multiple columns, auto-sizing pictures, using html...loadsafun!

Here's my first picture...uploaded and inserted in the text just as in a chat page posting.

It's Mikroulis, our gorgeous wee young man, enjoying the shade on our balcony. What a honey.

I'll try inserting thumbnail pictures can do this if you don't want your pictures to take up a huge amount of room. Click on them and the larger image should pop up.

...and a YouTube video...

That seemed to all work OK! I'll try another blog Saturday...

As Mr Burns would say, Exxxxxcellent!!!!


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