My SymiWillInteresting Saturday 07/07/2007, 22:24

July 7th 2007

Well, the new SymiGreece site is up, and the traffic to and fro on it has been quite considerable. We've had over 30 people on at the same time already, which I'm hoping bodes well for the future. We had some teething problems, but Christos, Stam and Joanna sorted it out while I sat by admiring. People who used the old site may find that they have to clear out some temporary internet files and delete some cookies...leastways, I had to.

So far the reaction has all been positive and given the months of work that the lads and lass have put into this, they deserve congratualtions. So from me...Congratulations guys! Well done!

I went down to Pachos today and had a chat with Lakis, the chat page's quizmaster. He told me he'd like to write a few help files so you can all make the most of using know, how to insert pictures and that sort of thing. Bless him. He posed for a portrait photo for me and I have to say he's a handsome devil.


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