My SymiWillPlop comes calling 09/07/2007, 15:23

Christos is in the kitchen eating feta and I'll take the opportunity to put up these two pictures of Plop & Kiki. Plop comes calling at the house a lot now and enjoyed a good cuddle. Her purring is one of the loveliest I've heard; I just wish she'd purr more often and be in attack-mode a bit less.

Kiki, Pretty Kitty's daughter, who is just one year old lives in our yard. She was too yoiung to get neutered last October and so has produced two more kittens...who in their turn will be too young in October to get neutered. They're sweet little things and pictures will come soon!

We drank far too much at kantirimi last night and the morning has disappeared in a haze of hangover head pains. Time now to go and see what's happening out in the big wide Symi world!


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