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This year on Symi, I stayed in a different part of town. My studio apartment looked out towards the Turkish coast and over the beach at Nos.

Previously I’d always stayed in an apartment in Pitini, overlooking the harbour. I feared that I would miss that fantastic view this year, and the bustle of the harbour. That fear died the minute I looked out from my terrace across the sea to the Anatolian Mountains. They stand out, changing in appearance according to the weather and time of day.

Nearer, Nimos edges her rocky limbs into transparent waters, feeling the wake of the boats heading in and out of harbour.

Every morning the sunrise over the mountains steals the breath of each human observer. Every evening the sunset gilds the cliffs and the water. How I wish I had good photos of these events.

Being in another part of town gave me a totally different perspective. I spent more time in Harani and Mouragio this year, using different shops, bars and restaurants, some for the first time.

I swam from small coves along the road to Nimborio for the first time, as well as from Nos, not for the first time, just below my terrace.

I visited Evangelismos monastery at last. I’ve been going to do that every time I’ve been to Symi. This year, it was on my doorstep.

One overcast Sunday afternoon, I walked back streets I hadn’t seen before.

I met new people. In Kantirimi Bar I met some lovely people from SymiGreece. I wish I'd remembered to take a photo. Too busy drinking Retsina! There were others, visitors and locals who were ready to chat in shops, in bars and along the street. I met many generous people on Symi this year, like the man from Taxas supermarket who gave me an ice cream, the people at Tholos who plied me with wine, fruit and liqueurs on the house, and Margarita, of Margarita’s Apartments, who couldn’t do enough for her guests. I realise that is business, but all I can say is that it doesn’t often happen that way at home.

And of course, I visited Nimborio, one of my favourite places, walking there and taking the boat back to Yialos.

Will I be back?

What do you think?

April sounds like a good month for a visit.

And I am learning Greek.


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  1. Christos said on 16/10/2008, 17:54

    Beautiful writing and photos. Thank you Patricia!

  2. Will said on 16/10/2008, 18:49

    Lovely Patricia, thank you. I hope that next time we can get to meet...April is a very good time for a visit & we can practice our Greek together.

  3. Simon said on 16/10/2008, 21:03

    Thanks Patricia, a lovely blog and great pic's. I love those little coves on the road to nimborio too, gd for a skinny dip...

  4. Joanie said on 16/10/2008, 21:19

    I enjoyed that Patricia,your a lovely writer,and the pictures were good.I feel like staying there myself

  5. SamanthaF said on 16/10/2008, 22:13

    What a wonderful Blog Patricia. Thank you so much.

    I wish I was on Symi now..

  6. Anders said on 22/10/2008, 01:38

    Great pics, reminds you that there is always more to see. April is great, can't beat Easter in Symi, we'll be there again next year

  7. lizzykitch said on 12/06/2009, 17:41

    A really lovely blog Patricia, thank you xx

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