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Main Programme

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The Programme
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Monday 9th July
Summer display by the "Giannis Diakogiannis" Symi Municipal Music School

Tuesday 10th July
Children's programme presented by Pippi and Paf Pouf

Wednesday 11th July
Concert for two pianos with Ioanna Maria Avraam and Katerina Bartzoka

Thursday 12th July
Piano Recital with Katiana Georga

Saturday 14th July
Traditional Dance Night with the group "Theofrastos"

Wednesday 18th July
Music Night with Dimitris Nikoloudis

Friday 20th July
"A world journey with the reports and writings of Giannis Diakogiannis"

Saturday 21st July - PREMIERE
Greek Music Concert with: Thanos Mikroutsikos, Manolis Mitsias, Giannis Koutras and Rita Antonopoulou. The Premiere is dedicated to the memory of Giannis Diakogiannis, the instigator and founder of the Symi Festival and is supported by the Hellenic Parliament and the Foreign Ministry. The performance will be presented by the journalist Alexis Kostalas

Sunday 22nd July
"O Mamothreftos" ("The Mummy's Boy) performed by the Symi Theatre and directed by Manolis Antonoglou

Monday 23rd July
Greek Traditional Dance and Music by the Dance Group of the Municipality of Ioannina

Tuesday 21st July
Presentation of the Book "To taksidi ton Kiknon" ("The Journey of the Swans") by Elena Artzanidou Parralel showing of sections of the film "Ta taksidiarika poulia" ("The Traveling Birds")

Wednesday 25th July
Greek Tragedy: "Ekavi" by Euripides performed by the Ziridis Acting Group and directed by Nikos Makaronas

Thursday 26th July
"Island Journey" by the Women's Association of Symi Award ceremony of the Rhodos Cup 2006 Regatta (Halki - Symi)

Friday 27th July
Opera night with Champagne Opera of Great Britain Mezzo soprano: Lesley Morris, Tenor: Michael Powell, Piano: Keith harris

Saturday 28th July
Greek Music Concert with "Makrina Ksadelfia"

Sunday 29th July
Greek Traditional Dance and Music by the Dance Group Papafi from Thesaloniki.

Monday 30th July
Recital for traditional flamengo guitar by Ioannis Anastasakis

Tuesday 31st July
Concert with the Ionian Piano Quartet


Wednesday 1st August
Piano Recital with Lampis Vasiliadis

Thursday 2nd August
"Shrimp Celebration" and Dance with the Women's Association of Symi Accompanied by the music of Michalis Missos’ s group

Friday 3rd August
Greek Music Concert with Orfeas Peridis and Georgia Ntagaki

Saturday 4th August
"Anahouhli nto Houhli" ("A Great mix up!") performed by the Symi Theatre, directed by Manolis Antonoglou.

Sunday 5th August
Revival of the Traditional Feast of Megalos Sotiris

Monday 6th August
Theatrical Performance in the symiote dialect by the Youth Group "Glafkos", scripted and directed by Panormitis Moskiou

Tuesday 7th August
Presentation of the book "Monemvasia" by Aleksandros and Haris Kaligas, published by POTAMOS

Wednesday 8th August
Traditional and modern dance with the dance group of Irini Milonaki

Thursday 9th August
Greek Music Concert with Vagelis Germanos

Friday 10th August
A tribute to the Greek poet and lyricist Nikos Gatsos Prepared by Tasos Madamopoulos

Saturday 11th August
Musical Revue "Kalokerina Feggaria" ("Summer Moons") Directed by Anna Panagiotopoulou Script by Giorgos Lazaridis, Dimitra Papadopoulou, Giorgos Galatis With Kostas Voutsas, Eleni Gerasimidou, Thanos Kalioras and others Accompanied by the singer Nikos Basis and a live orchestra

Sunday 12th August
"In Pedi in August" - a musical meeting of Agapitos with Giorgos, Lefteris, Mirella and other friends

Monday 13th August
Music memories of Symi with the Women's Association of Symi

Tuesday 14th August
Piano Recital with Giannis Milonakis

Thursday 16th August
Music Concert with the group "DOMENICA"

Friday 17th August
A night dedicated to Rebetiko Music by the group "Ta Mourmourakia"

Saturday 18th August
"Three Voices" - Greek Music Concert with Litsa Diamanti, Pitsa Papadopoulou and Lena Alkeou Accompanied by Panagiotis Koutsoupias and Vaggelis Douvalis, directed by Haris Romas

Sunday 19th August
Theatrical Performance in the symiote dialect by the Women Association of Symi, directed by Sevasti Nikoli

Monday 20th August
Traditional Dance and Music by the Cretan groups RODON

Tuesday 21st August
Piano Recital with Ifigeneia Kourousi

Wednesday 22nd August
Chamber Music Concert for two Sopranos and a Piano with Eutihia Dimitrakopoulou, Marilena Kiriakopoulou and Katerina Paleologou

Friday 24th August
Greek Island Music night with Nasia Konitopoulou

Saturday 25th August
Greek Music Concert with Panos Katsimihas and Manos Xidous Accompanied by Tolis Fasois and Nikos Maintas

Sunday 26th August
One-day meeting at the Mihaili Monastery about Symi and Panormitis Followed by a music night with Sotiris Sakelaropoulos based on the poetry of Antonis Skiathas

Monday 27th August
Songs from musicals with Hara Fotopoulou (singing) and Eleni Mitsiaki (Piano)

Tuesday 28th August
Theatrical Performance "Oi gamoi tis Smaroulas" (Smaroulas' weddings) by the 1st KAPI of the Municipality of Rhodes, directed by Konstantinos Trehas

Wednesday 29th August
Greek Music Concert with "Himerini Kolimvites"

Thursday 30th August
Greek Music Night Piano: Evi Giamopoulou Violencelo: Leslie Jones-Nihail Voice: Eli-Marina Kasda, Kostis Rasidakis

Friday 31st August
An evening dedicated to "The Antikythera Mechanism" and the Symi sponge-divers who discored it Followed by a Greek Music Night with Aristidis Moshos


Saturday 1st September – Sunday 2nd September
Two–day Events dedicated to Peace Municipality of Symi – Municipality of Datca (Turkey)

Monday 3rd September
Concert with the Macedonian Saxophone Quartet

Saturday 15th September
One-Day meeting about "The contribution of journalism in history" supported by the Greek Union of Journalists. Greek Music Concert with the Choir of the Municipality of Rhodes

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