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Symi Festival

All the events start at 9pm

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Thursday 10 July
Annual demonstration of the Municipal Conservatoire of Symi «IOANNIS DIAKOYANNIS»

Saturday 19 July
Recital by the soprano Eleni-Lydia Stamellou and the pianist Marios Kazas, performing songs of Manos Hatzidakis, Maurice Ravel, Joacquin Turina and songs of the Italian renaissance

Sunday 20 July
Memories of love and passion through the melodies of Manos Hatzidakis
Piano: Evi Giamopoulou
Vocals: Elli-Marina Kasdas, Kostis Rassidakis

Tuesday 22 July
Concert by Takis Vuis
Soprano: Emilia Ottaviano, guitarist: Yannis Yakoumakis

Wednesday 23 July
Recital by the violinist Georgios Zacharias
Piano: Hara Kostoyanni

Thursday 24 July
Piano recital by Georgios Delfis

Friday 25 July
Concert by «Duo Piacere»
Violoncello: Asterios Pouftis, piano: Thalia Athaniti

Saturday 26 July - PREMIERE
Greek music concert by Glykeria, Despina Olimpiou and Michalis Emirlis accompanied by a ten-member band. The premiere is presented by the journalist Alexis Kostalas
Awards will be presented to groups and individuals distinguished for their social work.

Sunday 27 July
Revival of the traditional feast of Saint Panteleimonas

Monday 28 July
Greek traditional dances by the Cultural Association of Neapoli - Larissa

Tuesday 29 July
A travel through time and space with the singer Zoi Kokkala-Karagianniou and the guitarist Dimitris Georgallidis

Wednesday 30 July
Traditional Pontic dances by the «Pontic Associacion of Elassona»


Friday 1 August
Music performance "Let's find the dream again". Voice, script and choice of songs by Tatiana - Katerina Thomaidou

Saturday 2 August
Greek traditional and contemporary dances by the dance groups of Irene Milonaki

Sunday 3 August
Traditional dances by the dance group of the Symiote Association of Rhodes, "O Glaykos"

Monday 4 August
Theatrical performance of the Symiote Theatre directed by Manolis Antonoglou

Tuesday 5 August
Revival of the Traditional Feast of "Megalos Sotiris"

Thursday 7 August
Greek traditional dances by the Women Association of Symi

Friday 8 August
"The new wave in Yialos" with the composer and pianist Linos Kokkotos
Vocals: Agapitos Pachos and Despina Pagiouli

Saturday 9 August
Greem music concert by the composer Christos Nikolopoulos
Vocals: Konstantina, ∂lias Makris, Georgios Egiotis and Maria Papaleontiou

Sunday 10 August
"Symiote Shrimp Festival" organized by the Women Association of Symi and the Municipality of Symi Concert by the band of Michalis Missos

Monday 11 August
Musical performance "Stars, songs and memories" by Argiris Kastanias

Tuesday 12 August
Presentation of the book «The Prince of Rhodes» by the journalist Georgios Zachariadis

Wednesday 13 August
Greek Music concert by Nikos Michas

Thursday 14 August
Anna Fasoulari narrates the traditional symiotic tale «The turtle and the fisherman». Video projection of Eva Gerakis images and drawings

Saturday 16 August
Morning: Conference regarding Symi and Nimborio organised by the Social Association of Symi "O Panormitis"
Evening: "A Journey to Greece" - Musical performance by Kaiti Koullia (Programme: FULL MOON 2008 by the Greek Ministry of Culture

Sunday 17 August
Greek music concert with Kostas Makedonas, Chrisoula Stefanaki and Saveria Manola

Monday 18 August
«A night full of melody...» by the violinist Alexis Theofilaktou and the pianist Irene Sarikosta

Tuesday 19 August
Theatrical performance in the symiote dialect by the Women's Association of Symi

Wednesday 20 August
Greek traditional dances by the dance group of the parent-teacher association of the Primary School of Achaia

Thursday 21 August
Rembetika and popular Greek music by the band "To Sinergio"

Friday 22 August
Music concert with Greek island music by Nassia Konitopoulou

Sunday 24 August
Concert and dance performance by the Dance Group of Chania

Monday 25 August
A night filled with the sound of dulcimers by Vassilis Oikonomou and Yannis Megaloudis
Santouri: Nikos Karatasos (Athens), Mihalis Halkitis (Symi), Giorgos Hatzipetros (Rhodes) and Eleni Filipa (Kithnos).

Wednesday 27 August
Cretan concert by Nikos Zoidakis and his band

Friday 29 August
Opera night with the Champagne Opera from the United Kingdom (Lesley Morris: Mezzo soprano, Michael Powell: Tenor, Keith Ηarris: Piano)

Saturday 30 August
Music concert with Georgios Margaritis


Monday 1 September– Tuesday 2 September
Municipality of Symi – Municipality of Datca (Turkey)

Saturday 6 September
Conference regarding Symi and Panormitis, organized by the Social Association of Symi "O Panormitis"

Additional Events
- Musical journeys with a saxophone by Iordanis and Mihalis Missos (keyboards)
- Projection of the documentary "Souls of the Ketchs" directed and produced by Nikos Karakostas
- Summer exhibition 2008 by the Association of Creative People of Symi "Santa Maria of the Castle" in SYMI DREAM gallery in Horio. Opening: Saturday 9th August at 19.30
- Lecture by Kostas Papakonstantinou about "Important areas for the birds at the Dodecanese islands"
- Sport events (Thisias race Panormitis - Symi, Annual race Nimborio - Yialos, Swimming race Symi - Datca)

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