Catamaran service:
Spanos statement

5 February 2007

Following the recent announcement (first reported by SymiGreece with a full online timetable) that the catamaran "Dodekanisos Pride" is about to resume its inter-island service in the Dodekanese from the 14th of February 2007, Mr. Giorgos Spanos, the owner of Dodekanisos Seaways which runs the catamarans "Pride" and "Express", issued a statement clarifying the reasons behind his decision to put "Pride" back in service.

In his statement, Mr Spanos says that the press-release issued by the Ministry of the Aegean and Island Policy confirming its desicion to approve the application by Dodekanisos Seaways to resume a catamaran service from the 14th of February, could have been interpreted by the reader as a declaration that the Government Minister "has abandonded his hostile stand against our company, putting the interest of the Dodekanese on top of his agenda and that the running of our boat is subsidised".

Mr Spanos argues that such an interpretation would be incorrect and goes on to say that: "our company, recognising the increased transport needs of our islands, and despite last year's loss-making attempt to have a boat running for the whole of the winter months, decided to put forward the scheduled re-launch of our boat, Dodekanisos Pride, by 45 days. Therefore, the solution (to the ferry problem) is not provided by the Government Minister but by our company". Mr Spanos concludes his statement by pointing out that Mr Pavlidis's (the Minister for the Aegean and Island Policy) decision to approve Pride's re-lanch was simply a formalily (as Ministerial approval is legally required); "of course the Government Minister would approve our application" (for re-launching "Pride"), he said.