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The 2009 Symi Festival will begin on Saturday 1st August in Syllogos Square in Horio with a gastronomic evening which will include the Symi Shrimp Festival and the presentation of traditional Symiot recipes. There will also be traditional dancing from the dance groups of the Women’s Assotiation of Tsaritsani (a historical settlement near Elassona in the north of mainland Greece) and the Women’s Association of Symi accompanied by the music group of Mihalis Missos. The event will be presented by the well-known Greek journalist, Alexis Kostalas who has presented the premiere of the Symi Festival for the past couple of years.

The official premiere of the Symi Festival is scheduled for Sunday 2 August at the central square in Yialos. At the time of writing, discussions were still underway and official confirmation regarding the singer who will open the 2009 Festival is expected very soon. According to our sources, the name that is being discussed is Eleutheria Arvanitaki, one of the most famous singers in Greece who hasn’t performed at the Symi Festival yet. Given the popularity of Eleutheria, such a Premiere would no doubt be a huge success and a great publicity for the Festival. Let’s hope the discussions will have a happy ending.

This year’s programme will include about 20 performances and although the final details and dates have not been officially announced, SymiGreece has heard that there will be a number of well-known singers who will be coming to Symi this August. Among them is Savina Yiannatou, Eleni Tsaligopoulou and Keti Garbi.

There are also discussion with Sakis Rouvas, the Greek pop star who sung for Greece in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Sakis has a huge following especially amongst the younger generations and there‘s no doubt he would draw a large crowd to Symi.

There will also be revivals of traditional feasts, classical music from Austria, a literary evening dedicated to the poet Yiannis Ritsos, a rock and pop concert by local groups on Symi and Rhodes, a concert with artists from Turkey and dance performances by the Women’s Association of Symi, the local dance group of Irini Mylonaki, as well as invited groups from around Greece.

The Symi Festival will end with a two-day event (1-2 September) dedicated to Peace which as every year will be organised jointly by the Municipalities of Symi and Datca.

As in previous years, the artwork that will feature in year’s Festival Poster and Programme was created by Eva Geraki and is pleased to be the first to publish it online.

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  1. Kate said on 23/06/2009, 17:21

    Beautiful artwork! Think we are going to miss all the Festival as our two trips don't co-incide - must organise ourselves better next year as I would love to be there.

  2. Christos said on 24/06/2009, 02:23

    In this case, we will do our best to make sure you feel as if you were here during the Premiere, Kate!

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