Symi FestivalSymi Festival 2008 › PREMIERE - Video Gallery: 50 minutes of live footage 26/07/2008, 23:57

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The beginning: Glykeria on the Symi stage

Glykeria sings Theodorakis

Crowd swinging and singing along

The Mayor dances zebekiko

Dimitra Olympioy and Mihalis Emyrlis on stage

The biggest dance floor on Symi!

The best end for the best premiere!

After the end - Symi at night!

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  1. Lofty said on 29/07/2008, 20:00

    Fantastic festi coverage,great to see spontaneous dancing,it's like a calling . .

  2. lizzykitch said on 06/08/2008, 18:43

    How absolutely wonderful - A very sincere thank you to Christos xx

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