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00:30 - It's Over
Another Symi Festival Premiere is over and the crowds disperse, well entertained.
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00:00 - Symi Sings
Favourite songs are sung and the crowd sings along...
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23:15 - Symi Swings
Eleni Tasligopoulou sings and the crowd swings. The grand piano and cello give way to the guitars and the drums...
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22:40 - Symi is Full
Eleni Tsaligopoulou is serenading a packed Symi tonight. The square is full, the bridge is full, the bars are full...a perfect summer's evening!
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22:23 - It Begins!
Welcome to this year's Symi Festival Premiere!
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22:20 - Darkness...any moment now
Introductions and presentations are over...the stage is in darkness...the crowd awaits!
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22:00 - Alexis Kostalas on Stage
Alexis Kostalas, perhaps Greece's best known presenter (he always presents Greece's votes at the Eurovision!) is on stage and has welcomed everyone to Symi. He has talked about Symi's wonderful children, as this year's concert is dedicated to "The Child". Mr. Kostalas is now presentating some awards prior to the concert itself; the four children who will be given the awards are those whose artwork won a competition to be included in this year's Festival brochure, and they will receive the awards on behalf of all the children of Symi.
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21:45 - Everything ready!
The Premiere is about to start at any moment and we are waiting for Alexis Kostalas to come on stage. Before the concert there will be a few announcements from the Festival organiser Mr Giorgos Papakalodoukas and a short award ceremony.
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20:45 - Sound and Light checks
Giorgos Andreou and Mihalis Karantinis on stage for a rehearsal; final sound and light checks completed as people are gathering. We expect a start at about 21:30.
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19:30 - Chairs out as the Symi sun sets
We are expecting the performers and first sound checks very soon.
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17:00 - Stage Preparations
Technicians at work on stage.
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(15) Comments

  1. Alan said on 01/08/2009, 22:21

    Put your ear plugs in. You wouldnt want permanent damage at your tender age Will.
    Enjoy the evening, looks fantastic and could go on until the small hours!

  2. Simon said on 01/08/2009, 22:27

    Wills hearing is beyond that point Alan!

  3. Will said on 01/08/2009, 22:28

    That was a very low key intro need for ear plugs yet!

  4. Will said on 01/08/2009, 22:32

    Alexis Kostalas has just come and joined us at our table at Kantirimi! How nice :-)

  5. Will said on 01/08/2009, 22:33

    ...and Christos is now taking photos of him...with Agapitos...

  6. Simon said on 01/08/2009, 22:44

    Hope there's no problem with the plastic chairs

  7. Will said on 01/08/2009, 22:46

    Christos is off taking more photos...we'll put some of the singers up soon.

  8. Will said on 01/08/2009, 22:48

    They've got new plastic chairs...for the VIPs at least. No repeat of the collapsing-chair fiasco of the other week!

  9. Simon said on 01/08/2009, 23:01


  10. Will said on 02/08/2009, 00:27

    While you're waiting for the photos...refresh the page and have a look at the banners...

  11. Simon said on 02/08/2009, 00:43

    Cant quite belive i was there 2 days ago! If 'Mikros Arravoniastika' is played at any point, i would soooo love to see/hear it!

  12. Will said on 02/08/2009, 01:30

    Christos can;t remember if it was played tonight (he was so busy with his cameras that he didnt really listen to the music!) and I don't know the song! (leastways...not the name of it). We'll review the videos and find out.

    By the way, Jess misses you...and still no sign of Daphne.

  13. Simon said on 02/08/2009, 01:41

    You will know the song if your hear it, dalara's does an excellent version, as does nondas!

  14. Simon said on 02/08/2009, 01:43

    Give my love and kisses too Jess!

  15. Christos said on 02/08/2009, 02:10

    Still at Kantirimi Bar for yet another Festival Premiere... the celebs have moved on to Nireus Hotel for dinner and the square is still lit up with people gathering together all the equipment.

    It was a surprisingly good premiere with a few "very different" moments, which you will see tomorrow during the broadcast and on the Premiere Video page...

    As for my review... you will need to wait for the August edition of The News of Symi where there will be many more surprises...

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